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Why Lifting Weights is an Absolute Must for Menopausal Women.

If you value your health, but you aren’t lifting weights, you may be missing some key elements of a healthy lifestyle. For women experiencing peri-menopause or menopause , weight lifting is vital. It's the part of the equation that we are missing when we get to this age…muscle, solid muscle.

What is the biggest difference in our bodies now vs 20 years ago?

We had muscle back then!

When we hit peri-menopause or menopause — which occurs most often between ages 40 and 55 — there is a significant drop in estrogen that encourages extra pounds to settle around the belly, This shift in fat storage may make the weight gain more noticeable. It's a fact of life and it can be hard, but the good news is, it's possible to shift the unwanted weight.

I am so excited about the weight lifting program I have been doing and the results from it! I had to share this experience with you so you too can feel as good as I do and have some additional results to celebrate.

My goal is not to be a bodybuilder nor is it to be a bulky muscular woman. Like many of you. My goal is likely the same goal you have, to be lean and toned. Skinny was my old goal, now I work to be lean and toned. There was a time years ago when skinny worked for me. But now that I am over 50, I need to build and preserve muscle that we lose as we age.

Lifting weights restores the muscle loss that comes with aging and restores the metabolism we had when we were younger..

My weight training program has given every muscle in my body that added “oomph” , I now have a 6 pack and I've lost the flabby arms to a level I had not been able to achieve prior to focusing on this program.

I really can’t express to you how important lifting weights can be for us, women over 40. It is the part of the equation that we are missing when we get to this age…muscle, solid muscle.

Okay, so maybe that is more info than you needed to be convinced to start weight lifting today. Bottom line is our muscles are an important part of our body that helps us be healthier, leaner and basically reverses the aging process.

Lifting weights is one of those snowballs at the top of the hill. So many wonderful effects when women over 40 lift weights. If I had to choose a favourite, it would be – the more muscle, the more calorie burn we have – specifically fat burn.

Here's one of my favourite full body workouts you can try today.


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