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Choose Your Plan

If you are unsure what plan you should choose, you are welcome to book in a free consultation at the button of this page.

As a personal trainer I have helped women in their 40s, 50s and 60s, achieve things they never thought was possible. They learn how to prepare delicious food that the whole family can enjoy and exercise so they can look, feel and move better. Whether if you like to train in classes with friends or do personal training with me, I will guide you through your fitness journey and make it fun. I will:

🔼 Give you an exciting new incentive to reach your goals with the right people in your corner to help you get there

🔼 Help you build life-long positive habits that will ensure you keep your results and improve upon them

🔼 Educate and empower you to train safely and effectively to maximise the effects of every single moment spent exercising

🔼 Ensure your training program is clearly structured and integrated into your lifestyle

🔼 Change your life 

and if you choose any of the plans that includes nutrition I will also:
🔼 Teach you how to consume the right foods at the correct time to create the perfect metabolism for fat loss, muscle recovery and better health​

Suitable for Beginners



Professional Trainer