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About my services

"Age is not a barrier for your fitness goals"


Fire (Focused Intense Resistance Exercise)

After the age of 40 you lose muscle mass - the main calorie burning engine of your body.  Coupled with a slower metabolism, you don't burn calories the same way as you did when you were in your 20s.

Two-thirds (66%) of all the energy we metabolize each day comes down to our body composition, That is, the amount of muscle we possess. Building and maintaining our muscle mass appears to trigger all the responses that keep us young and vital. In fact, building muscle is the closest humans will ever get to the fountain of youth!


FIRE is a research proven system shown in clinical studies to consistently deliver rapid improvements in strength, muscle size and body shape in novice to elite and 18 -78.


🔼 Workouts are structured in 12 week blocks.

🔼 2 - 3 workouts per week recommended

🔼 Experience amazing results in health and body shape

🔼 Exercise in private or small groups

🔼 Smash  training and weight loss plateaus

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Ice (Intense Cardio Exercise) 

ICE is a science based approach to exercise that will maximize fat loss and fitness at the same time. It's the most result-producing form of cardio exercise you can do.The cornerstone of ICE is structuring high intensity intervals into the workout. These structured bursts of maximum effort workloads (followed by lesser effort recovery periods) for 20 to 30mins is shown to achieve three times the fat loss compared to exercising at a regular pace for 1 hour.

Every workout  becomes a potent fat-burning weapon by:  

🔼 Focusing on intensity of the workouts.

🔼Moving as much of your body as possible at all times.

🔼Not performing the same workout often, activities and workout intervals vary each week.

🔼Doing activities you're not good at - you'll burn more calories!

Exercising in a group for motivation and support.



There’s no question that losing weight after the age of 40 is no easy feat. Not only are sugary sweets tempting at the end of a hard day, but your metabolism has also likely taken a nose-dive.  Your metabolism slows by about 2% per decade from the age of 20. You can imagine why the scale creeps up more easily by the time you’ve reached middle age.  


As a qualified Metabolic Nutrition Coach I will teach you how to:


🔼 Beat those cravings without cutting out foods you enjoy

🔼 Eat to fast track success

🔼 Construct metabolically precise meals.

🔼 Eat for fat loss, muscle recovery and better health.

🔼 Eat lots and lots of foods without counting calories.

🔼 Create your own meal plan to suit your lifestyle.

🔼 Get permanent results and keep them!

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